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About us

Business focus

INFOLINK is focused on business improvements of its clients by implementing software solutions, design of business and IT architecture of business organization, project management of development and implementation of complex ICT solutions and design of the organization ICT infrastructure.

The development of products and services, is based on the generic models, methodology and standards of reference institutions: Object Management Group, Business Process Management Institute, TeleManagement Forum, Manufacturing Institute, the Project Management Institute. The application of new concepts and the most modern methodological approaches such as EA (Enterprise Architecture) and trusted software environment Infolink has developed several products:

  • BoSeCo - CRM and Billing solution that is intended for operators of ICT services, particularly in the field of telecommunication systems. It can also be used in other companies that provide services to end users (energy, water, gas industry, etc.). The software is developed in accordance with international standards TMF (Tele Management Forum) following NGOSS (The New Generation Operation System and Software) program. The result of applying BoSeCo software are improved and automated business operations.
  • ProDeCo - Process Definition and Control is a software product (Workflow Management Systems) that is used to define, create and manage the execution of the workflow.
  • EMIS - Execution Management Information System is a software product consisting of a set of tools: tools for transformation of the meta model into the executive database model (development of info cubes and navigation structure), tools and meta models for keeping the specifications of the user defined reports defined through the Data Warehouse System and tools for the definition of profiles and user rights.
  • BSS - Business Solutions Suite is a modern ERP solution that automates and tracks objects, equipment, personnel, finance, business partners and other business goods of the company throughout their life cycle.

INFOLINK products and services are used in telecommunications companies, manufacturing companies, insurance companies, agencies and the public administration, construction, port activities, banking, in the field of electricity transmission systems, the hotel chains and others.


A key INFOLINK commitment is the selection, customization and implementation of optimal models of services and solutions. We have experience in the implementation of a number of complex projects in Serbia and in the region, we have the knowledge and motivation.

For us, every new project is a challenge, no matter the size of the project the realization will be approached with due care.

Our approach is that in the current dynamic economic framework together with the user build a modern information system, integrate new solutions into the existing system, with the guarantee of the quality of solutions and implementation.