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Business Oriented Services Control

The system BoSeCo represents a modern software product that is intended for operators of ICT services, particularly in the field of telecommunication systems. It can also be used in other companies that provide services to end users (energy, water, gas industry, etc.).
The software is developed in accordance with international standards TMF (Tele Management Forum) following NGOSS (The New Generation Operation System and Software) program. The result of applying BoSeCo software are improved and automated operations.
Functional architecture of the system consists of subsystems for: Catalog Management of Products and Services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM - Customer Relationship Management), Management of Requests for Services Implementation (Order Handling), Mediation (Near Real Time), Charging records (Rating - Near Real Time), Billing (Invoicing - Near Real Time), the Inter-partnership billing (Near Real Time), Invoice Complaint Management , Temporary Disconnection of Services, Management of Work Orders and Help Desk.

A more detailed description can be downloaded here.


Execution Management Information System

This software product is consisting of a set of tools: tools for transformation of the meta model into the executive database model (development of info cubes and navigation structure), tools and meta models for keeping the specifications of the user defined reports defined through the Data Warehouse System and tools for the definition of profiles and user rights.
Analysis and interpretation of business data is essential for every business system because it creates the necessaryconditions for the continuous monitoring of business operations in real time, process optimization and quick response to market changes.

A more detailed description can be downloaded here.


Process Definition and Control

ProDeCo is a complex Workflow Management System whose architecture consists of: Module for transforming XPDL process specification (Workflow API), Module for configuring the business process, Module for defining task lists,Module for the execution of business processes (Workflow Engine), Tools for the implementation of process activities by humans using software applications, Agents for the automatic implementation of process activities using software services and Tools for the administration and monitoring of the entire system.

A more detailed description can be downloaded here.


Business Solutions Suite

Business Solutions Suite is a modern ERP solution that automates and tracks objects, equipment, personnel, finance, business partners and other business goods of the company throughout their life cycle. BSS system enables control, analysis and management of all business operations and cash flows, more transparent, more efficient and more productive. All business functions are integrated over a single data base.
For the purposes of hotel systems interfaces for data exchange with Micros, Fidelio and Materials control systems were developed.

A more detailed description can be downloaded here.