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We are proud to inform you that we have implemented several successful projects, whose quality our customers highly rated. The following selection of several projects that illustrate our domain expertise and closer define our potentials:

1. Product lifecycle management (Product Lifecycle Management), Military Technical Institute, Belgrade (VTI). The project was implemented together with the CPS (Cad Professional Systems) doo, Belgrade.
Starting from the analysis of the current state of business processes in VTI and the results of interviews with designers, heads of design groups, sectors and heads of the administrative structure of VTI, a key result of the Project is a definition of the architecture of the future PLM system, whose implementation should realize the main functionality of the system. More details (in Serbian).
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2. Enterprise Content Management System for ''Iron Gate Hydroelectric Power"doo.Kladovo.
Efficient management of information content of the business system documents, defining the flow of documents, understanding the ways of execution of business activities and enabling efficient communication between employees and partners, today is a critical competitive business advantage of any company. The main objective of this project is to improve existing technologies and ways of managing the company unstructured data, distribution and archiving of documents and other content. More details (in Serbian).
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3. Innovation and design of new software solutions project, Port of Bar, Bar.
The project included the development of BPMN diagrams of the current state of the business processes, descriptions of the existing way of doing business processes, documenting Use Case diagrams for the key functions of the business processes, specification of workflow for each use case, BPMN diagrams of the future state, Class Diagrams and State Diagrams for the central classes of the system and the specification of applications and reports. More details (in Serbian).
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4. Implementing Business Solutions Suite System and integration with Micros & Fidelio systems, JPStara Planina Knjaževac. The project was implemented together with the Best Solutions doo Belgrade.
BSSuite (Business Solutions Suite) is a modern software solution that provides effective support to operations, by monitoring work objects, working tools, personnel, finance, business partners and other goods through their life cycle. BS Suite enables control, analysis and management of all bussiness operations and cash flows of the company, as well as more transparent, efficient and productive. It readily adapts to user requirements through parameterization, there are 'special' versions for different activities.

5. Information Security Management System - Development of GAP analysis of compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001:2005 standards, ''Iron Gate Hydroelectric Power" doo. Kladovo.
Consulting selected team of experts with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001:2005 and ISO / IEC 27002:2007, the way of existing state determination, conducting interviews with key staff (General Manager, selected managers and employees who are dealing with technical aspects of information security) and development of the so-called GAP analysis and proposing the required protection measures for the elimination of identified non-compliance, with the necessary resources.

6. Consulting services inInformation and Communication Technologies, Kolubara Univerzal doo, Veliki Crljeni- Memberof the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group.

7. Business Process Management and Content Management, PTT "Srbija", Belgrade.
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8. Implementing Business Solutions Suite System for monitoring the operation of machinery and internal costs (internal services and consumption of own products) at construction sites. The system is implemented in companies MBA Miljkovic Ltd., and Ratko Mitrovic doo, Belgrade.

9. Information Security Management System - Performing GAP analysis of compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001:2005) standards, the Central Bank of Montenegro, Podgorica.

10. Technical support in the realization of business administration of Oracle production platform, PD Eletrovojvodina doo, Novi Sad.